Spring has sprung! Now is the perfect time to get on your home maintenance to-do list, estimate the damages done to your property by the harsh winter weather, and prepare the season ahead. A thorough exam is essential to maintain the structural integrity and the longevity of your home.

Inspect your property from top to bottom

Wind, rain, and changing temperatures have likely taken their toll on your property. Inspect the building from the roof to the foundation, including spaces that are not usually lived-in like attics and basements.

On the outside, look for signs of damages, like chipping paint, holes, rotting wood or cracks in the concrete. Give particular attention to any sign of deterioration on the window and door sills and apply a layer of caulk if needed. Look for signs of dampness or mold indoors.

Clean out the gutters

Leaves and other debris tens to accumulate in your gutters in winter and can be a breeding ground for pests and insects. If not cleaned regularly, they could be prone to overflowing during heavy spring rains, causing damage to the siding. Reattach the gutters where they may have pulled away from the house and check that the downspouts have been installed correctly.

Look for signs of pest presence

Unwelcome guests may have taken their winter quarters into your property. Check the storage areas, especially attics and basements, for telltale signs of pests or rodents like droppings. Termites are particularly prone to make their appearance in spring, so call on to a professional immediately if you notice winged insects flying out of a hole in the woodwork.

Clean and service the AC units and the furnace

The furnace has been particularly solicited in the past few months and may need a thorough cleaning and tune-up. It is also time to get ready for the fast-approaching hot summer days by servicing the air conditioning system and cleaning up debris around the cooling units.

Check for leaks

Outside faucets are prone to freezing in the winter and should be winterized to keep the pipes from bursting. Make sure everything is in working order by turning on the water and placing a finger over the opening. If the water stops, the pipe may be damaged.

Spruce up the landscaping

Spring is a great time to add some curb appeal to your property. Clean up the lawn of any debris and check your sprinkler and irrigation systems. Now Is also the time to trim trees and bushes. Not only your yard will look better, but it will also prevent the moisture from accumulating along the foundation of your home, leading to mold and mildew. Neglected vegetation also provides easy access for outdoor spring bugs to move indoors.

Inspect the vents

Lint buildup in dryer vents can be a serious fire hazard. In addition, a clogged vent can eat up more of your utility bill as it will take longer to dry clothes. Make sure to flush out all the systems regularly.

Repair the decks

Rain and frost take a toll on the outdoor living spaces. Look for signs of discoloration and warping as well as rusty or loose nails. Replace the boards that are past their prime and treat them every 4 to 6 years.

Perform routine home safety checks

Finally, spring is a great time to ensure that all the home safety features, including your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well as the fire extinguishers, are all in working order.

As you embark on the spring weather this season, keep in mind that RCPM’s Total Maintenance team is here to help. Pest Control is left up to the tenant – however if you’re proactive about keeping things cleaned up around your home you should enjoy a pest-free environment.

Posted by: Rocket City Property Management on April 17, 2019
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